Unicowrns are very difficult to breed, but the amazing prices you can get for them make it worth a try. Here's the info:

To get a Unicowrn, the covering must be done at either 6h23am or 6h23pm GMT. Unicowrns will only have a 1/6 chance of producing a Babycowrn, if the covering is done at the right time. The other 5/6 will produce a normal Howrse foal.

Here are the difference between a Howrse and a Unicowrn:

  • The Howrn gives a +6 in dressage bonus.
  • Unicowrns also can't have a golden apple coat or medusa's blood.
  • You must have the same breeds when breeding two unicowrns. Otherwise you get a regular foal.
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